ShweShwe Swirl – Add a bit of African traditional style to your furbaby’s look with our ShweShwe Swirl range!

From R 45.00
Add a bit of African traditional flair to your furbaby's look with our Blue and Black ShweShwe print Collar Bandanas!

Our Collar Bandanas are made from locally sourced materials, handmade individually and with care. These fun and funky accessories, conveniently slip over the furbaby’s collar through an opening at the top of the bandana. Whether worn in the front of the chest, on the back of their necks or even to the side, our Collar Bandanas are sure to add a little spunk to your furbaby’s look! When going for walks, the leash is attached to the furbaby’s collar as per normal, while the bandana stays in place – ready for them to strut their stuff in style!

XS – Chihauhau, Yorkie
S – French Bulldog, Small Maltese, Jack Russell
M – Pug, Cocker Spaniel, Beagle
L – Golden Retriever, Husky, Pitbull
XL – Labrador, German Shepherd
XXL – Great Dane, Mastiff

CLEANING: Gentle handwash in cold water.